Saying goodbye to Neocron

Alas, the time has come to close the Neocron account. It has been a fun ride and quite a good game to play, I just don’t have the time to invest in it right now. I may pick it up again when the Dome of York expansion comes out, but for now I am going to say goodbye. I have definitely played my money’s worth (I picked it up for 4.99$ at CompUSA) so even after a few months of paying the monthly fees it still ends up being less than the full price for a new game.

Overall, my experience with MMORPGs has been positive. I played Everquest for a month but lost all my items in some forest somewhere and never logged back on. I played a ton of Diablo 2 (not really an MMORPG, but who cares) and had a good group of guys to run around with so we good avoid the lusers on Unfortunately our group slowly dwindled to just two of us (me and Bob). I played in the Planetside beta, that was okay but not my thing. After picking up Neocron I really got hooked. I really liked the crafting system (I have a high level constructor that has made some sweet stuff) and I liked the dependence on other players, but in the end it slowly degraded into the dreaded level treadmill. “…I just need one more level to use that new weapon…” I will say that the leveling system and skill points scheme is done well in Neocron. Since there weren’t a ton of players (300 players on Saturn would be crowded) most of the people were cool to play with but of course NC had its share of PK’ers and that just sucks. I’m not leaving because of that but they won’t be missed.

I’m quitting for a number of reasons, but mostly because NCAA 2005 is a week away and I will be deeply engrossed in that for a while. After that, we’ll see. I still have to have a chat with Greta about that monitor I want and maybe an XBox.

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