Memory Card 1019

B0001YYNLM.01._AA_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgI just picked up my big fat 1019 memory card today at Gamecrazy. I’m not a big fan of that store but they usually have plenty of TVs set up to play new games and they have a decent selection of games, it’s just the staff that works there. They’re either fanboys (XBox, usually) or clueless kids. I guess I shouldn’t hold that against them. They all can’t know as much as I do.

I got the card in anticipation of my copy of NCAA 2005 tomorrow. The guys at Trading Zone (my local used game store) said they’d call tonight when they knew what time their shipment was coming in, but I didn’t hear from them, hopefully there won’t be too much of a delay. I haven’t tried the card out yet, I’m letting the wife get in as much TV as she wants because when NCAA arrives she get’s relegated to the 13″ in the bedroom. Sorry hon, them’s the breaks.

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