Games of 2004

I, like most people, like to make top ten/five/whatever lists. Top ten movies of all time, top ten fight scenes, whatever. I made a top five Gamecube games of 2003 last year on I was thinking of games (Gamecube in particular) of 2004 and which one’s I’ve enjoyed so far and I’ve only played a couple games released this year. While there are a bunch of games I am looking forward to, I still can’t believe I’ve only played two games released in 2004: Wario Ware Megagames and NCAA 2005.

There are some good ones that are out already that I should play: Zelda Four Swords Adventures, Mega Man Anniversary, Spiderman 2, and Tales of Symphonia. Those are some good titles.

But the upcoming games are looking great. I am particularly looking forward to Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, and Pikmin 2. These will be the titles vying the top five of 2004. There’s also a handful of Xbox games I’m looking forward to playing, but that’s another topic.

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