Halo has been destroyed.

B00005NZ1G.01._AA_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgI have completed Halo, I’m proud to say. It took me less than two weeks, playing about an hour or two, with a couple longer sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it, everything looked and sounded great, the vehicles are a blast (I really liked the race to the finish), the fact that only two weapons can be carried is genius. The music was moody, but often triggered at weird times. My biggest gripe, of course, is the level design. I understand that some areas need to be repeated, but not every darn one of them. Some were a pain to navigate, but on the whole it never was overly frustrating. The pace was perfect, maybe a tad too fast.

Overall, I look forward to trying on the harder difficulty levels at some point, but I’m going back to NCAA 2005 for now. I left my team in a lurch and they need their coach.

I give Halo 4.75/5 buttons mashed! I also eagerly waiting its sequel.

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