Start them when they’re young!

I always thought I’d still be playing video games with my grandkids. While the kids in the picture aren’t my grandkids, one of them is mine. The little girl on the left is my beautiful daughter, Corinne. (The others are my niece and nephews) This picture was taken in February a week or two before she had her first birthday. She is the best!

I think video games will play a part in my children’s lives, just a minor one. They will get to play games but they will earn their playing time. No mindless time wasting, I hope. I started playing games when I was seven or eight years old but I don’t think I ever over did it. Sure, I’ve had my marathon sessions of gaming but I never played so much that it was unhealthy. Hopefully my kids will like video games to some degree and come to appreciate them like I do.


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