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Hopefully this is a trend to come: more gaming blogs. There have been a few “gaming blogs” (if such a thing exists). Penny Arcade has been a sort-of blog for a long time, Game Girl Advance is another site that has some great insight into this world we call gaming. Now sites like Joystiq and Kotaku are starting to garner more of a wide spread audience for gaming blogs. There are a few sites I’ve got bookmarked as gaming blogs, and I’ve started a list in the sidebar of gaming blogs I read.

So how did ButtonMashing become a blog? I began thinking about starting a gaming site back in January when I was a SAHD (stay at home dad, for the uninitiated). I was looking for something that was productive and fun to do while the baby slept. The idea of ButtonMashing was born. At first I thought of making a site that would be an aggregate of reviews of video games, but GameRankings does a pretty good job of that. Then I thought about a site for links to gaming news and announcements, but GameTab and Evil Avatar do that much better than I could. So I there went that idea, too. I finally settled on using simple blogging software (Blogger in this case) and simple blog about what gaming I was doing and what I thought about gaming in general. I had the best of intentions, but then life happened and I got a full-time job. That not only reduced my video gaming time, but my online time in general. Now that things have settled down, I can finally get some good gaming in and some good blogging. While I’m still working on garnering an audience, I do appreciate those of you who stop by and read whatever I’ve jotted down. Hopefully it will be worth something.

Now I’m on the look out for new and old gaming blogs. If you have one, or know of a good one I’m missing, let me know. I’d love to hear from fellow gaming bloggers. Hopefully we can build a community similar to other “blogospheres” out there.

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