Paper Mario Reviews

Gamespot gives Paper Mario 2 a great review, as do IGN and Gamespy (surpising, IGN and Gamespy give the same game high marks?). This is good news. I posted earlier on EvilAvatar (I’m not linking to the article, since the comments degenerated into fanboy rants that I abhor) that I was getting pessimistic about Nintendo’s outlook, but my outlook has changed.

I really think the next 2-3 months (read: Holiday Season) are going to be great for Nintendo. The DS is starting to turn a lot of heads and should put up a good fight against Sony’s PSP. Metroid Prime 2 should be stellar, along with a bunch of other games. Seeing Paper Mario get a good review is great, I really think this is what is going to get the ball rolling for Nintendo. Good for them! It does my heart good.

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