Symphonia? Can someone tell me what that means?

I had a free rental to burn before November, so I picked up Tales of Symphonia. I’m still not sure what a Symphonia is, but I’m playing it nonetheless. It’s not too shabby.

It looks beautiful but the beauty seems superficial. It’s beautful nonetheless. I like the look and feel of the characters, it’s got the Viewtiful Joe feel, the anime flair is well done. The battle system is a lot fun, it’s a mixture of real-time and semi-turn based battle. To pull off combos you have to be a proficient button-masher, for which I certainly qualify and I’ve been proficient at combos from the beginning.

Unfortuntely it isn’t perfect. The story line is extremely wooden. So is the voice acting. Most of the Japanese RPG cliches are there, but that’s not too much of a problem for me. But the story is so lame, I often struggle with it’s cheese. But seeing past that, this is definitely a good game. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it, though, as I think a good game will be in my hands Tuesday morning at 12:01am and I’ll be pretty busy with that. Oh well, hopefully I can get back to it sometime in the future.

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