It’s aLIVE!

Cursed be Microsoft and their free two-month subscription. After convincing the wife that I’d only use the two free months, I signed up for Xbox Live and have already cut my teeth on a few rumble pit matches in Halo 2. Things are going good.

I’ve never really hated on Xbox Live, I’ve sort of watched/listened with a twinge of jealousy as people raved about how great online console gaming was. I guess the jealousy stemmed from Nintendo thumbing there nose at online gaming. But I never thought I’d actually take the plunge. I always figured it would be another time waster vying for my precious time. Well, after an hour of Halo 2 online, I can attest that it in fact is a time waster, but a dang fun one.

Bungie has been touting their matchmaking service, but good-night is it slow. It’s been said in countless other places: you wait five minutes to get into a game that lasts another five. Not exactly fun. But I must say, after two quick matches and two optimatches, everything within the game is pretty nice. I only noticed one little lag-induced jitter, otherwise it runs smooth as silk. The matching also seems to work according to design. In the two optimatches I played in, The disparity between first place and last (not counting the cats who bailed early) was usually only three or four kills. Not too bad.

If you see “I aint yer Pa” out there, it’s me, drop me a message. I’m sure I’ll be around again tomorrow.

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