GameSpy Holiday Guide – 2004

GameSpy Holiday Guide – 2004: “This may go down as one of the best holiday seasons in gaming history.” – This is going to be a great holiday season. I’ve always like Gamespy’s Holiday Guides but mostly as solely as an affirmation to my astute previous judgements.

I do disagree that Fable is a good choice, it’s mediocre at best, there’s much better out there. Metroid Prime is at the top of my Christmas wishlist, along with Burnout 3 or Need For Speed Underground 2. I really liked NFSU 1 on the Gamecube, so I definitely want to pick up #2 although I’m not too keen on the whole Snoop Dogg thing. X-Men Legends looks solid, either Gamecube or Xbox style. Of course Viewtiful Joe 2 would be a no-brainer, even though I never finished the first one – got a little too hard there at the end. Paper Mario may just be a rental for me, but I may pick it up nonetheless. And Mario Tennis, too? Man this season looks great!

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