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So I never experienced Half Life. It came out around the same time I was busy with Age of Empires I and II. I’ve always liked FPSs on the PC, but this one never tickled my fancy. I also skipped out on the whole Counterstrike thing. Again, I may have missed gaming nirvana but I’ll never know. So during this month of Video Gaming Mana from Heaven, another beauty in the form of Half Life 2 was dropped in the laps of rapid gamers everywhere. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff out there, praising HL2 as one of the best games, ever. Am I missing out on something? I don’t see myself picking up a copy anytime soon, but after I read this post on render gaming, I may have to rethink that:

“As I headed back to the hovercraft, I passed the bodies of the dead Combine soldiers I had fought. The overall feeling was one of loneliness and isolation, following a frantic battle. When I got to the hovercraft and continued, I felt that I was leaving the scene of a truly dramatic event.”

This is the kind of goodness I could get into. I really enjoyed reading his HL2 posts, but this passage caught my eye. This is what gaming (and game blogging, for me) is all about – taking an experience in a game and expressing it in not only words but also feelings. I felt the same things he describes here in Metroid Prime.

I’m still thinking about picking up a copy of Half Life 2, and if I do, it will be because of that little passage.


  1. Another reason that you should get Half-Life 2 is because of all of the mods that are going to come out for it. I have 28 mod sites bookmarked in anticipation.

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