Why I haven’t blogged this weekend

OSU 37 Team Up North 21 – So there’s a little game that’s been played 101 times between two storied college football programs. It often has national championship implications and almost always has Big Ten Champs implications. This year has been disappointing for OSU. A win over Michigan can erase a lot of those bad memories, and this win certainly did that. OSU took Michigan behind the woodshed and threw a beating on them. Even though they still get to go to the Rose Bowl, we have the bragging rights for another year.

Here in Columbus, it’s an all weekend affair, so I haven’t done any blogging this weekend because I’ve been too happy with our victory. While this has nothing to do with gaming, College Football is another one of my passions, second only to Video Games. Just thought I’d rub it in to any Wolverines who happen to read here.

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