Video-fenky: F-word on computer game

Video-fenky: F-word on computer game – This is getting the attention of a lot of sites, but it appears that it comes from an unreliable(?) source, The Sun. Looks like they have some seriously lazy reporters over there, as the did a terrible job of fact checking. Luckily, intrepid bloggers, like Video-fenky and others, are quick to point out the ESRB label, which is only for games from the States. Turns out it’s a pirated version of the game. Score one for the game bloggers!

Of course the article never mentions this but rails against games yet again. Games with bad words! Hackers leaving their mark on games, and poor Disney gets the bad rap. Unfortunately people will have the knee-jerk reaction. Too bad.

Update (1/5): Video Games Ombudsman has a more detailed write-up than mine.

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