I Heart Bloglines

If you read blogs or maintain one yourself, I hope you’re using Bloglines. I’ve been urged many times to give it a try and I’m only now beginning to see its usefulness and flexibility. I’m already using it to keep track of almost all my links on the right. Being able to make folders to store your various feeds is perfect and highly customizable. Being able to share/publish your links is equally brilliant. I am really liking Bloglines and I guarantee that, if you’re a blogger, you will dig it too.

In fact, I imagine the majority of ButtonMashing readers are and intrepid bunch, so you’re probably using it already!


  1. […] I know some buttonmashing.com readers prefer to use an RSS aggregator (I’ve said on more than one occasion the Bloglines is the best). I haven’t done any updating to my feed but I wanted to make available my feed to anyone who uses a feed reader. […]

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