New Kids on my Block (#2)

Here’s in the second installment of the New Kids on the Block, which has already been renamed the New Kids on my Block, since a lot of the blogs I’m highlighting are new to me, but not the blog or gaming blogosphere. As this feature grows, it may return to its original name, but for now, it’s the “New Kids on my Block”. So on to the new kids:

I haven’t been reading loongy boi for very long but I like what I’ve read so far. It’s definitely a blog that’s more about games, but Jason (who works for Take 2) seems to love his games. He’s definitely been doing this much longer than I have, but remember, this is the New Kids on my Block.

Wonderland was a site I stumbled on when I first started this blogging thing but somehow got lost in the shuffle. A women’s perspective on things is always good, and currently there’s a dearth of said perspective in the world of video games. It’s slowly coming around, but Wonderland is a good place to get it, with pop culture peppered to make it more authentic.

arcon is a blog from across the pond, where comments about gaming pop up now and then. He seems pretty passionate about gaming, and that’s good enough for me.

I don’t know why I haven’t been reading Water Cooler Games before, I see mention of them all the time, I’ve just never taken the time to read them. Now that I have, I regret not taking the time sooner. Grade-A stuff there.

There will be more sites forthcoming, I’ve got a handful bookmarked that I still need to go through. Stay tuned!


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