AFK Gamer and collaborative blogging

Foton over at AFK Gamer is considering a really cool idea for those of us in video game blogging (actually, for anyone who loves gaming). You can read about it here, but the gist of it is:

One weekend, a collaborative blog. Anyone that pre-registers can post. Itís an orgy of gaming in whatever game you choose. The objective is Ö a stream of conciousness on your gaming experiences for the weekend.

I think this good be pretty cool. As I said over at his site, it would be great to see what the other gamers out there think. Hopefully everyone who participated would be mature and civil, no lame fanboy ranting and bashing. Meaningful dialogue, funny anecdotes, good ideas and constructive criticism would be cool to see.

If you’re interested, leave a message over at his site and we’ll see where this goes.

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