Post-GDC Rant

Games * Design * Art * Culture – This is getting lots of linkage around the game-o-sphere but it’s worth repeating yet again.

How many of you were at the Microsoft keynote?

I donít know about you, but it made MY FLESH CRAWL. The HD Era. Bigger. Louder. More photorealistic 3D. Teams of hundreds. And big bux to be made.

While it didn’t make MY FLESH CRAWL, when I read the Microsoft speech, I thought the same thing echoed here. I don’t want to have to buy a new TV just so I can enjoy the next generation of consoles. I still think there’s a lot of life left in the current generation of machines. The PS2 might be on its last leg but it’s still getting quality games this late in its life (see: Katamari Damacy). After playing Resident Evil 4, it is evident that there’s A LOT of muscle left in that little cube. But that’s not the point of Greg’s rant.

We really don’t need whiz-bang graphics and Dolby 92.3 sound. We need games that are fun and engaging. Game developers, under the current video game publishing conditions, aren’t free to develop such innovation. Instead we get rehash after rehash. As a Nintendophile, I can’t say Nintendo is exempt from this criticism. It remains to be seen if Mario 128 can bring new innovation. But the points made here valid and somewhat hard to swallow. Even though he backs off his inital Iwata spanking, it was still pretty harsh.

Go read the whole thing. While it does seem like a lot of talk and not as much in the way forward, it may be the catalyst that gets the ball rolling.

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