All that shimmers is sure to fade

Iced Out PSPPSP for the well-heeled – Saw this over at Kotaku the other day. Gaudy as all get-out, but I still wonder – do people actually buy this stuff, or are these handed out with the hopes someone will see someone famous with their kit. I don’t get it. With the release of the DS, PSP and the upcoming new generation, it seems that gamers have quite a bit of disposable income.

Or at least Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft think we do.


  1. Gotta have that bling, bling kicking.

    I can understand that not everyone has the disposable budget. My friends seem to think that I do but most of them are married and have kids. So they like to spend money on better things other than electronics and what else.

    But their target is the generation that likes to spend money and the more the better. I kind of in a way fall in to that category. Right now I’m trying too keep myself from purchasing a new video card. If I do this will be the third one that I buy in six months.

    But I really would love to get my hands on a PSP, not right away I want to see what others think about it before I spend anything. And I’m glad that when I finally do purchase one their will already be a lot of games that I really want to play on it. And thats a definite purchasing plus.

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