Newest button-masher is here!

Mason, chilling

The newest buttonMasher, my son Mason, was born Friday morning. Dad couldn’t be prouder and can’t wait to get him a little controller in his hand.

(Update: I appreciate all the congrats I’ve received, Mason is doing great and is loving watching Dad play video games. He’s already on his way to be a great gamer)


  1. wow! Congrats! Had been wondering where you were for the last week or so, guess we know now, eh? =)

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Hey congrats on your new little one. Now you have another little set of eyes that can sit and enjoy watching you play Animal Crossing.

  4. My goal is to one day beat my own grandkids at a videogame, and like by a lot.

    I’ve already beaten by newphew, but he’s only 7 years younger than I am.

  5. Congrats! My kid is two and he has been hooked on Mario 64 DS since it came out. Before then, he was a huge GBA Video fan.

    You’re going to have a lot of fun!

  6. Thanks for all the congrats, Mason is definitely a sports fan – he let me watch March Madness uninterrupted all night. Now we’ll see how he does when I pop in a video game. My daughter sure loved watching me play Wind Waker!

  7. Hey, congrats Tony!. Well done.


  1. […] The greatest moment of 2005 was, hands down, the birth of my son Mason. He’s now almost 10 months old and is starting to like playing with the controller when dad is playing games. He’s another button masher in the works! […]

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