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Next week, we’re going to have a major announcement about the details of our new maps.

Picked this one up from Kotaku. Very intriguing. There was the story last week about a Korean web-site referring to a Halo 2 X-Pack but now the powers-that-be at Bungie have spoken and given us a glimpse at what’s coming, in addition to the cheat/glitch/bugs that currently plague Xbox Live matches. Glad to see they are being proactive about kicking the a-holes that cheat right in the nads.

Now, on to the speculation (This was posted on the 18th, so hopefully they’ll be available by the weekend?) …

My wish list for maps from the first Halo are Hang ’em High, Prisoner, and Boarding Action (which is great for sniper battles). I personally think they’ll release at least 6 maps, with 3 of them from the original game and 3 brand-spanking-new ones. We’ll see.

I don’t think they’ll be adding any additional content (i.e. a REAL ending) but I would have no problem if they did. I think with all the glitch/bug/cheat fixes they had to do and the new maps that are in the works, I would imagine that’s a lot of work. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Either way, I’m pretty excited about all this!


  1. It looks like ebgames had something up for a while that was listed at $20. Some people were able to rip the description before it went down.

  2. Too much free time on your hands Tony….

  3. Jeremiah – It’s about frigging time you started visiting the site. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Just come back everyday and be educated in all things video games. You need me to be your tutor, trust me.

    Agent Gray – Yeah, I saw that one, too. I was surprised how much controversy a little expansion caused over at that site.

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