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I have pulled myself away from Halo 2 this weekend long enough to give some new games a try. I’ve got games I picked up on sale at Toys R Us in a pile, which are being neglected, I traded some of my games with a friend and got a handful of games from him, and I have a free rental at Hollywood Video every month that I have to use. I don’t want anymore new games until I play the ones I already have. I try to avoid the list of weekly releases, just to avoid temptation.

First off, I put Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 in to give that a fly. I loved 2004 2003 but never played it much past the first handful of challenges. 2005 looks and feels pretty similar, but as with other EA sports games, the enhancements and polish are noticeable. The most fun I’ve had so far with Tiger Woods is the character creation part (called EA SPORTS Game Face II). I sat there for a half an hour with my mom and wife crafting my electronic counterpart. What better people to keep me honest while I made the mental projection of my digital self. (or is that the other way around? The Matrix is so confusing) Anyway, my golfer looks so much like me it’s scary. I’ve only played two rounds so far, but I am really enjoying TW 2005. Unlockables in a sports video game are like heroin to me, so I can see myself playing this a lot. There are thousands of unlockables. I have already been offered a sponsorship for Maxfli products (in the form of what? an unlockable!). What a game! I’m shooting for that TaylorMade sponsorship. I didn’t try out the online aspect of the game, I need to find someone to play with first. I haven’t seen announcements for the 2006 iteration of this game, so I may look to pick up a copy of this game. Great video game golf.

I’m late to the party, but I’ve finally tried Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. So far I’ve only played about an hour into the game but I definitely see why this game was on the top of most 2003 Game of the Year lists. I’m liking what I’ve played so far.

Anything D&D always has a place in my heart. My brother-in-law and I gave Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes a try this week, as well. D&D Heroes wasn’t super well-received by the reviewing community, but I give it a multi-player thumbs up. The story isn’t going to grip you but the mindless hack-and-slash is fun enough to give it a shot. It’s basically Gauntlet in D&D clothes (which certainly isn’t a bad thing). I doubt I’ll play this much by myself but whenever my bro-in-law is in town I can see us throwing down, saving whatever world or universe or plane we’re trying to save. I told you the story was forgettable.

Looking ahead to next week, I’d like to get some more time in Metroid Prime 2, finally give Viewtiful Joe 2 a try, and get to some other games in the unplayed-queue. Also, after reading gatmog’s review of the free trial for Everquest 2, I may give that a whirl, too. He doesn’t resoundingly endorse it but doesn’t condemn it, either. I want a new MMOG. I’m intrigued by EQ 2’s crafting system. I like that it isn’t a particular class that specializes in crafting. One of things about Neocron was that the Constructors (crafters) were usually weak fighters. I was a pretty good constructor but I couldn’t take down the big baddies by myself. I always needed a Tank which was frustrating since they had the good parts needed to craft rare items. I’d like to see how EQ 2 handles crafting. That’s my bread and butter.

I haven’t abandoned Halo 2 yet, I’ve got to support the clan, but I’m not playing it exclusively anymore. I hope it doesn’t get jealous.


  1. agentgray says

    You’re going to love Metroid Primeh 2 as you progress along. Have you given Resident Evil 4 a try? It’s burning my time right now.

  2. Oh yes, I have definitely given RE 4 a try. Instant Classic.

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