The ‘mystery’ of FIFA Street

The ‘mystery’ of FIFA Street : Guardian Unlimited Gamesblog

This is a great read about how EA is slowly taking over the world, one poor(?) video game at a time.

This is why FIFA Street is number one. It hits all the right buttons. It is mainstream, but yet has an ‘edge’. It has good graphics. It is fast enough to convince players that they are having a good time. And that empty feeling when all the bluster is over? When the lack of depth becomes apparent? It. Never. Comes. Because the mainstream consumer has rushed onwards. To another flashy, intensely marketed, brand-focused product.


  1. Ugh. Back in the day I loved EA simply for just Archon. What happened?

    I will be mortified if they pull off a hostile take over of Ubi, who I think has the right mix to release a ton of great games, because I’m sure EA will kill whatever they’ve got.

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