Guild Wars is Mine!

Guild WarsI suffered through Brian’s praise and Foton’s clumsy beginnings, salivating at my chance to play Guild Wars.

I then read Kieron’s review of Guild Wars at Eurogamer (which was excellent) and salivation continued.

Well a copy of this wonderful game is in my hands. And it is with much sadness that it will not be played tonight, as it is late and I am tired. MMOGs are not to be taken lightly and should not be started on a night that precedes a work day so I will resist. Tomorrow looks bleak, as well. But I will play.

Oh yes, I will.


  1. You will love it. Come join the EvilAvatar guild…just let me know your char name if you want in. We’re all good about helping out each other as well.

    Ok, advertising off.

  2. I’m very glad that you’ve decided to try out GW. Let us know your build and all that other jazz!

  3. Gah. Another person sucked into the morass of GW. One of my regular strategy gaming buddies has been flitting from MMOG to MMOG and I’ve never heard him as excited as he is about GW and its casual-friendliess.

    I guess I will eventually cave in, but so far I have resisted the lure.

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