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Guild WarsI’ve been sucked into the black hole known as Guild Wars. I was able to avoid the World of Warcraft vortex but I couldn’t withstand the allure of no monthly fees. My MMOG running mate also took the plunge and we’ve really enjoyed it so far. We started characters and made the jump out of the “training” realm way too soon so we’ve started over with new alts and we’re roaring through all the quests and pretty much laying waste to anything that stands in our way. I’ve gone the way of the Grim Reaper acolyte, a Necromancer. I am still without a second profession so far, but I’m thinking of going with a Mesmer as my secondary profession. The skills are plentiful and I can see a lot of replay here. (This is a massive, of course).

And the game? Guild Wars is beautiful. The reviews are out there, you can read all about the beauty and immersiveness from other sources. But one thing is certain – sometimes you just have to take the scenery in. I am compelled to look around and stand in awe. The scale and wonder can be breathtaking.

But of course it’s more than just beauty and lush environments. The nuts and bolts under the hood really make this a fun game to play. This review says it better than I can.

But, instead, it’s easy to think about “Guild Wars” as a carefully researched and constructed product, one that combines the pixie dust of fantasy with the sawdust of a well-crafted game.

It is indeed a well-crafted game.

So I can see myself playing Guild Wars for the foreseeable future. The Gamecube and Xbox will be neglected and gather dust but them’s the breaks. I’ve got some monsters to kill and I don’t think I’ve even scratched surface of what the game has to offer.


  1. My buddy got me started on Guild Wars by telling me it was free after the initial cost of buying the game. Misleading to say the least. The game is not free. In fact it can end up costing you all the non-essentials of life!

    Sitting in front of a monitor slaying those Char bastards until lack of nourishment and sleep cause seizures is a sure-fire way to lose a wife or a girlfriend and possibly both. Employers start calling and asking why you haven’t shown up for work. Don’t worry the calls will stop in a week or so. These people just don’t get it I guess. Jobs and wives etc are non-essentials to the Guild Wars warrior. Others in society, non-Guild Wars wussies I guess, think they matter. I guess I used to, before my friend showed me the light.

    Well, back to the important stuff. I have skill points to spend!

  2. My buddy got me started on Guild Wars by telling me it was free after the initial cost of buying the game. Misleading to say the least. The game is not free. In fact it can end up costing you all the non-essentials of life!

    Since I am the “buddy” in question, I apologize for pointing you in the direction of countless hours of fun and excitement. I’m very sorry. I, of course, have not been caught in the snare of playing for hours on end. I just play for minutes on end — two, three hundred minutes. Who’s counting?

    And I’ll be playing Guild Wars later. I’ve got skill points to spend, too.

  3. I have just come up for a quick breath of air. Jeez it is tough to breath when dozens of Hydra are on you back! Lucky I was not alone. Vigor Mortis may dance like a sissy but he can lay waste to the enemy like a AC-130 gunship. I just think he should stop tanking!

  4. This is a good game.


  5. this is a terrible game.
    granted it simply doesn’t offer me the things I am looking for in a game but the worst part is all these glib reviews talking about how amazing various aspects are when compared to other games these pale in comparison.
    The variety of classes and physical appearances is stunningly small. Your armor and basic appearance are set by your initial class. They offer you a wide variety of faces and hairstyles and skin adn hair colors. most of which I wouldn’t wish on my enemies to begin with. Without custom content this game can’t keep up even with NeverwinterNights which is broader in ultimate scope in all ways and just as free. But it promises the same potential NWN did, so once the chapters are out we’ll see how it all goes down. Right now the game is incomplete at best.

    What I don’t get is why the graphics are awesome. to me they look fake and sad. i mean I’m only using a GeForce 5200FX but my graphics settings are up all the way, and things are spawning behind me, distant objects are pixelated, grassy fields i see at a distance, up close turn out to be nothing more than painted on rows of nearly 2d objects aimed at the road behind me. Yes it looks nice but I have seen nicer.

    Put down the controllers. this is what 24 years of hardcore gaming leaves you with X)

  6. I never really played online games before, but when I saw Guild Wars – I really got interested!

    My guy friends all played WoW, but being a poor student (and mostly a console gamer, who didn’t want to take a big risk buying a pc game) I just didn’t like spending my money on monthly fees… Luckily Guild Wars didn’t only sound right, it also looked right and really plays right too ^__^

    Uhh I’m sooo addicted now — so glad there’s coffee *ugh*

  7. um Ax… ur post was… lets say poor… guild wars gfx are great… gameplay is perfect… THE perfect combo of mmo-n00b ease… yet has the beef for a mmo-31337 i just cant wait for the expantions to come out though.. its been too long,..!!! and im sure new classes/new looks exc. will come out.. i got this game when it came out.. a while ago now.. and im stilll playin it.. GREAT gAmE!!!

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