The Carnival of Gamers HQ

I thought that since I was involved in starting this whole “Carnival” thing, the least I could do was centralize it. I’ve made a “Headquarters Page” that will be a place for any information regarding the Carnival of Gamers, including contact/submission information and future hosts. Make sure to stop in any time you’re looking for information about the Carnival. After all the feedback we’ve received on the first one, I’m thinking of installing a suggestion box.

And don’t forget, the Carnival of Gamers #2 will be hosted by Thomas at Mile Zero. Head over there for all the details!


  1. I think you are pointing to the wrong entry for your Carnival of Gamers #1 in the HQ. You point to the penultimate posting, not the actual Carnival one:

  2. Opps, thanks for pointing that one out. I’ll have to fix that after work.

  3. Post bru-ha-ha suggestion.

    Let’s link to Tony’s original post on the CoG in the future, so that people’s expectations are framed by the intentions of the Carnival, as opposed to say … some odd magazine conventions (just picking something at random)

  4. Link has been fixed.

    I also agree with Josh. Let’s use the original Carnival of Gamers post in subsequent Carnivals for “context”

    Also, Josh – you’ve defended the Carnival with vigor. Would you be interested in hosting a future Carnival?

  5. Sounds good to me. My initial reluctance was based on my own mental disorder of being neglectful, but I suppose if I spent half the time hosting than I did just discussing the Carnival, it will work out fine…

    Read Thomas’ foreword on his CoG hosting this morning, seemed pretty good.

  6. Here’s an interesting link about the what, where, why and how of the History Carnival:

    I thought the rules to be very clear and concise. Perhaps something similiar could be drafted for teh Carnival Of Gamers?

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