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Guild WarsGuild Wars – Guild Wars has been taking up the majority of my gaming time right now. I’m working on my main character, a Necromancer/Mesmer. I’m concentrating on Blood Magic and Curses, with Domination Magic for my Mesmer skills. I don’t think he’ll be the best build for PvP (whenever I take that on) but he’s pretty effective PvE. Been running around most of the time with my buddy who’s got a Warrior/Monk setup that seems to work really well. I’m enjoying GW immensely and look to continue the good gaming in Ascalon.

ForzaForza Motorsport – After a stint with Burnout 3 and Midnight Club 3 I decided to give Forza a try. It’s been culture shock going from the fast Burnout 3 and the arcade-y feeling MC3 to Forza. Basically, I suck at simulation racing games. I’m trying to get the feel of the game. It looks and sounds great but I’m just not used to the car actually obeying the laws of physics in my racing games.

Shot-Online – I’ve been hearing about this Golf MMORPG (Golf?!) out of Korea a bunch lately (I read about it first at Wonderland months ago) so I decided to download it and give it a try. It’s laughably translated but looks decent and it’s Golf RPG, what more do I need to say? I haven’t played a full round yet but I’m been playing with the practice options and I’m liking it so far.

Up Next:
Fate – I’ve been hearing so many good things about Fate that I decided to give it a try. It’s sitting on my hard drive right now but I’ll be getting around to it soon.


  1. Guild Wars – What’s your level? I’d be willing to hook up with you guys sometime for some questing or missions if you’d have me. I’m looking for some good people (i.e. with common sense) to play with.

  2. I have been playing Guild Wars with Tony (I am the Warrior/Monk Panzer Man, but you can call my Panzy) since the beginning. If you see me on-line feel free to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I am level 18 and I think he is level 16. Last night we teamed up with several people to do a mission. It was a pretty good group in that there was no bickering/flaming and fighting amongst us. We did have one guy drop out half way through just when the going got tough but who knows why? It is not like dying over and over, which he did, causes any long term negative character affect or anything. We completed the mission and gained access to the next town where new armor was available for crafting. Sweet!

    We are always willing to pick up a team player (Number of times the phrase “Team Player” occurs on the average resume? 3?) who won’t curse and quit every time things don’t go his way. That is unless he is a Necromancer in which case cursing is fine and is expected.

    One thing about multi-player games that gets me down is the communication between team players. I really wish the games came with an automatic voice over the Internet set up. You know, like TeamSpeak or RogerWilco or something so teammates could converse verbally instead of keyboardally. (Microsoft Word says keyboardally is not a valid word but I don’t care!)

    Maybe the multi-player games of the future will take care of this? I do like the way Guild Wars lets you pop a flare or draw pictures and arrows on the ‘radar’ map to guide your teammates. I think it would be better to be able to hear your teammate scream “Oh my God! I am going to die!!!” as you watch his health points bottom out adds a ton of excitement to the game. (Tony and I play while talking on the phone. When I hear his death screams it really fires me up! “You shall be avenged!”)

    In the mean time, I am looking into setting up a server to handle TeamSpeak for those of us with high audio input requirements.

  3. Sure, I’ll add you to my list and if I see you, I’ll hook up. I’ve got to agree with all your comments exactly. I’m getting sick and tired of all these “kids” trying to get themselves ahead first and not letting the team play. Then they get all pissed. Me? I get all pissed when they don’t follow targets or the planned strategy. The irony is that the teamplay advances you much better and faster.

    I’m a R/N 18 but I don’t curse…I bleed. 😉

    The next misison I need to finish is Sanctum Cay.

  4. agentgray,

    Yeah, definitely give us a holler next time your on. It sounds like you’re a little further along than I am but another player in the group would be excellent. I’ll drop you a line and we’ll do some serious bleeding and cursing. That pansie Warrior/Monk can pick up the left-overs.

  5. I hate those Gran Turismo style games! Make mine a Burnout.

  6. Yeah, Burnout definitely has that special “Holy crap I’m going so fast there’s no way I’m gonna make that turn — Holy Crap I’m still alive!” frenetic feel. It works in Burnout 3. In Forza, drive too fast and you’ll inevitably crash into a track barrier, get turned around, get ticked off and restart the race.

    So far I’m leaning toward the Burnout camp, too.

  7. I loved the GT games, but I just got “Burn(ed) Out (3)” on them. I just got my 6th xbox(!!! – thank you employer for Global Knowledge) and I’ve thought about giving Forza a try. However, I like my crack to be fast.

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