Metroid Prime 2D

Take one of the best Gamecube games, Metroid Prime (in my Top-Ten All-Time), flatten the 3D game into a 2D game and you get Metroid Prime 2D. These guys are serious about their Metroid Prime and it shows. This takes time and dedication that I’m currently not acquainted with. I’m glad others are, as this looks to be quite a cool endeavor.

This is definitely why people are hoping and praying that Nintendo opens the Revolution to home-brew development like this. Throw this up on the Revolution download service, let people download for 8-10 bucks (a guess, of course) and let people enjoy a new take on Nintendo’s IP. Nintendo takes their cut and these guys get what’s left over (hopefully a non-trivial amount). Everyone is a winner. I tip my hat to these guys, I’ll be following this one and I hope it succeeds.


  1. I’ve been meaning to check this out. It does look very good. The artwork is quite spot-on. Hope it plays as well as it looks. They seemed to put a lot of thought into re-creating the maps for a 2D game. It’s great to see what such dedicated fans can create.

  2. agentgray says

    This looks great. I love the ‘Prime’.

    Be sure to check out evilavatar to follow the link to ebgames to get Prime 2 for $15! Of course us die hards probably already have it.

  3. Diehards, yes. Got it at launch. Ouch — $50, though. Diehards, or suckers for not waiting 8 months for a significant price drop?

  4. Where can i download the full version?

  5. How do u get Metroid Prime to be 2-D from 3-D

  6. Hehe… I was the first person in 100 miles to own MP2. Fred Meyer only had 3 the day of the release. O_O

    @ Shadow: The full version isn’t out yet, They’re hoping to get the demo finished by mid-2006. There’s a brief demo out that has the very first few rooms though. The final demo will have all of the SPF (Space Pirate Frigate).

    @ JW: You stare at the pictures of the sides of stuff in the game for hours on end until you have every aspect memorized, then you whip out MS Paint, (Yes, MS paint.) and try to cram as much detail as you can into the appropriate sized box. Make several copies with varying poses, and put them all on what’s called a sprite sheet. Give the sprite sheet to the game developers, and they plug it into the game. That’s basically how we’re doing it.

  7. Baron – Thanks for clearing those questions up. I’ll definitely have to check out the demo now.

  8. I’ve managed to play beta version of the game and It left a good impression on me. I can’t wait to see the full version of it!

  9. I got MP2E a day BEFORE the release, FOR $30!!!
    *laughs at people who paid $50*
    Of course, in my infinate ****ING STUPIDITY I got rid of it before I was able to finish it. I thought that getting rid of it was a small price to pay for making $20 by reselling it for $50. Of course, I then had some money, and went around looking for some good games, sadly, I found out that not many games are of the same caliber as MP2E.

    Anyway… The 2d one looks awsome, can’t wait for the full demo! It would intersting to see it make it’s way to GBA, or revelutoin, wait! “revelutoin”?!?! this must be a really old post! so yeah, I hope it makes it’s way to wii or revelutoin

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