Now for a change of pace

Just like the rest of the gaming world, I’m growing tired of the whole GTA/Rockstar/Jack Thompson/Hillary Clinton fiasco. I will endeavor to avoid future beatings of that dead horse. There’s only so many times you can whip a rotting carcass.

So switching gears, I wanted to remind everyone about the Carnival of Gaming #5 over at Unfettered Blather. You’ve got more than a week to get your submissions into Botswana, so don’t delay! There’s been enough controversy streaming through the gamingsphere so there’s no excuse not to submit something. But I’ve got an inkling Carnival #5 is going to be the Carnival that C.J. (and J.T. + H.C.) carjacked.

I forgot to link to Cathode Tan’s excellent second interview, this time with Jeff Freeman, a favorite blogger of mine. Another great interview from Josh. (who still has not received an answer to his Carnival Quiz. Search me.)

Also, Corvus did a sweet buttonmashing sketch for me. I hope to use it in future items. Thanks again, Corvus!

So enough with the GTA buzzkill already. Gosh!

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