Is it Fate? Or my destiny?

I downloaded Fate a while ago, mostly because Bill at Dubious Quality was so high on it. I finally got around to installing it last night and I gave it about two hours of my time. If you haven’t heard of Fate, the long and short of it is that it plays like your average point-and-click slash ’em up. After my two hours of playing last night I thought to myself, “Meh, I’ve played this before. It didn’t offer me anything too groundbreaking or new.” Sure, I had a pet, I could fish, basically stuff I’d done in a dozen other games. I didn’t see myself playing it much more.

Then today, as I was eating lunch I realized I felt compelled to play some more Fate. I had some incomplete quests to fufill. There were townspeople counting on “McGee the Unknown” (Fate has a fame attribute that gives you titles as your fame increases). I had to go back. I thought about all the magic items for me to find, the fish to catch and the titles to earn and I wanted to play it. That’s a first. I haven’t felt this compelled to play a game since I first started playing Resident Evil 4. In fact, I think I’m going to return to Fate once I hit “Publish”. I will definitely be buying the full-version of this game. Check it out!


  1. agentgray says

    Ok, this is weird. I remember you mentioning Fate a while back. I gave it a spin…and had the same results!

    I now play it at lunch. I’ve just got to see my fame increase.

    It’s like they took the best of Animal Crossing, Diablo, Fable and kiddie-fied it.

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