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O-H! Iraq-O!

For Buckeye fans, this picture needs no explanation:

O H Iraq O

For the uninitiated, there is a tradition at Ohio Stadium to chant O! H! I! O! with each section of the stadium yelling their letter while making the sign of the letter with their arms. This Marine, obviously an OSU fan, recruited some Iraqi children to participate in this great tradition.

This picture made my day.

MMORPG Sports (Part I)

A while back I mentioned I had been playing a Golf MMORPG called Shot-Online. Since then, I’ve been back for a round here and there and my overall impression of S-O is that it’s an ambitious game that is fun to play and actually has players that are fun to be around. It got me thinking about Sports games as MMORPGs. Or at least MMOGs. Call them what you will, but I’ve seen them mostly referred to as MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Games). I wondered if there were other games out there trying the Massively Multiplayer genre of gaming. I also thought about where this “genre” of games could go. We already have online sports gaming that’s been relatively sucessful but I think there could be more. I don’t think role-players and sports fans are that far removed. They both pore over their players “stats” and play to their strengths while shoring up their weaknesses. The MMO “sphere” is ripe with possibilities.

This is a two-part article. The first part will be what I’ve found while I’ve looked for games that fit the MMOG mold. Part two will be some thoughts I’ve had and where I think this could go.
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Don’t miss out

You’ve got today and tomorrow to get in on the Carnival goodness, gearing up right now at AFK Gamer.

Stooges on a PSP

My Three Stooges post got some people thinking about the Stooges and all their shenanigans. I got a note from buttonMasher agentgray pointing me to this site with a link to the Disorder in the Court, the episode we were quoting. It’s in the public domain (its copyrighted expired long ago) so it should be legit. If you want a classic Three Stooges episode on your PSP (or you just want to watch some sweet Stooge action) check this out.

Update: I and should mention that this could also be played on your GBA/DS/GBmicro using the Play-Yan Micro device. After the Metroid Prime Hunters online news and now this, I think I just convinced myself it’s about time to get me a DS. Now I just need to convince the Boss (aka the buttonWife). That’s the tricky part. Of course I’ll have to import a Play Yan, but that’s just a technicality.

Prison Break

I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I make sure it is quality entertainment. I limit myself to a couple “must see” shows at any given time, and I think I just found a new one – Prisonbreak.

Other than sports, (lots and lots of sports) I don’t watch much TV. My current faves are Arrested Development, 24, Lost, and Monk. (Update: I don’t know how I could forget my love of Food Network. I don’t watch any shows regularly, but my favorite show is Barefoot Contessa)

Like I said, quality entertainment.