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While the NCAA 2006 criticisms are piling up, The Blog for the Sports Gamer points to a forum discussion about a game-stopping flaw in Madden 2006. If you don’t have (or feel like making) an account on Operation Sports, here’s the pertinent information:

20 yard dropback shouldnt be an issue this year. whats going to be an issue is what we talked about on the radio show tonight, which is that animation where the CPU does a jetpack animation for you. Its tough to stop. we labbed with it online earlier tonight. You could send 3 guys in zone on that one WR and it couldnt be stopped a lot of the time.

ok this “jet pack” animation is definitely there and its damn easy to do. You just throw the ball high and the CPU will do the animation for you. Marcus from MM and I tested it. I’d tell him, what WR i was going to. He’d try dime, nickel quater, shading inside, and manually took his safety or DB. It worked, rarely. Most of the time the WR caught it. He could be surrounded by 3 guys andn they couldnt stop it. Even when he was there manually for some reason the ball would just go above him and the wr would catch. Its pretty lethal on curls because the wr jumps. I havent figured out a way to stop it consistently.

BTW, it doesnt really matter how good your WR was. I was doing it with Mushin Muhammed, and he got injured and Justin Gage was just as effective. I could do it to the other side of the field as well and Bobby Wade, who sucks, would make the catch all the time.

The jury is still out on NCAA 2006 for me (I’ve only played a handful of games so far) and I swore off Madden after 2003, but this is still disheartening news nonetheless. It’s a good thing EA has the NCAA and NFL licenses wrapped up for the next two generations of console systems! Now we can expect more of the same, year after year. Wonderful.

It was interesting that when the EA exclusive licensing deals were announced most “gamers” were pissed off (to put it lightly) and some swore of EA all-together (except for something called Battlefield 2). The casual sports gamer, however, was either unaware or shrugged it off with a, “I play Madden anyway, who cares?” Well, if they get release after release of broken, flawed gameplay with the promise of “next year,” they won’t be shrugging it off much longer. They’ll care.

And then what?

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