Carnival #5 has arrived!

I had plans to head to the Ohio State Fair yesterday. Unfortunately, the buttonDaughter has been afflicted with dual ear infections. It sucks for her but she seems to be on the mend. We didn’t make it to the Fair but we have plans to go soon. For now I’ll have to be content with The Carnival of Gamers #5 over at Unfettered Blather.

Update: Well down, Botswana, another Carnival has come and some good stuff has been posted. I don’t know if it’s the summer months, or what, but the submissions seem to be a little down this month. There were a few new faces, which is always good to see, but I had hoped for some of the old stand-bys to participate as well. No biggie, hopefully next months will attract a few more people, what with the summer winding down and Foton being the host. That’s gotta count for something!

I enjoyed every last one of the posts. I was surprised that there were only a couple GTA:SA posts. I guess people are just tired of it. I know I am (even though I submitted one of my GTA rants)! Personally, peterb’s piece on why consoles are better (which has been mentioned elsewhere) was my favorite.

Shortly thereafter, I stopped playing it. This week, I bought Myst III: Exile for Xbox at The Exchange. I had also bought Silent Hill 3 for the PS2, another game I already owned for the PC.

The reason is simple. I can play the console versions of these games from my couch.

True, that.


  1. agentgray says

    The whole console thing is just that, ease of playability.

    Will PC gaming die? No. There will always be room for RTS and those who want the latest and greatest FPS, but the console industry is HUGE because of the ease and comfort issue.

    Pop in Halo on your Xbox and you’re playing in five minutes.

    Install Halo on your PC and you install…install…install…play…uh it’s slow….gotta upgrade video card…….go to store….plunk down some moolah…go back home….install card….play….hey, it’s looks all white…..update video drivers…update directx….play…join multiplayer….ack…gotta patch….

    and on and on and on.

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