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There are very few things I love more than Ohio State Football. My wife and kids and extended family are about the only things (okay, that may be hyperbole). So this year you’ll be seeing a smattering of my commentary on OSU football. I know some of you buttonMashers are Buckeye fans but I recognize some of you don’t really care about sports. Apologies in advance, but Ohio State is too important not to mention.

Less than four weeks until the season starts and I’m already getting excited. This video (from Blog for Sports Gamer) will give Ohio State fans the chills. Man I am pumped about this season. Want to know how to make an OSU fan drool with anticipation? Show him this article.

Things are looking good for the Buckeyes and it’s defintely good to be an OSU fan. Are there any other readers out there that share this passion for college football? I’d love to hear about it (unless you’re a Wolverine)!


  1. Go Irish!

  2. I was a Notre Dame fan in the early 90s because their QB and I shared the same name (Tony Rice). Since OSU usually owns ND, I can like them and not feel threatened šŸ™‚

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