So long, farewell!

Well, I thought something was amiss over at render when there weren’t any new posts in a while. Adam has confirmed that render is no more. That’s too bad, render was one of the first gaming blogs I found that I really liked and it’ll be missed.

The Video Game Ombudsman is no more, as well. Luckily he’s only moved shop and he can now be found over at Video Game Media Watch (one mouthful of a name to another! Amen for acronyms!). The name has changed but Kyle says the content should remain pretty constant. That’s a good thing as the VGO was always a good read.

Looks like it’s time to update the Blogline subscriptions! I’ve been needing to do some housekeeping over there anyway.


  1. You might also be interested to know that Render bunked off to Gamers with Jobs (but then again he said in on his blog, so you must know) right after I asked him to collaborate on Flicker, but what can you do. He’s still thinking and writing about games…unlike myself. I’m on vacation!

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