Nintendo, why do you toy with us?

The life of a Nintendo fan is rough. I didn’t mention the recent news that The Twilight Princess had been delayed until next year mostly because I was saddened by it and I grow tired of being set up by Nintendo, only to be let down. I love the big N as much as anyone, but like Tom says, it is going to be a long winter. There are still games to be played but, to be honest, all I was really looking forward to was getting down with some Zelda. It isn’t easy being a Nintendo Fanboy.

Looks like Resident Evil 4 will be the Game of the Year for 2005.


  1. Yes. The piss here flew off the shelves.


    I would not be surprsed if it gets pushed back even further and ends up being a Revolution title. I once had all three systems, but time and time again, I was drawn back to my GCN.

    Why, Nintendo? Why?

    I’m not jumping on the X360 bandwagon. It will be a long fall/winter. I’ll always have Guild Wars.

    …and I guess I could play the Primes through once again and goe for 100%

  2. Good point about Resident Evil. Nintendo is going to have to push DS hard this year if they want to come out in a good position after Christmas.

  3. I personally could care less if Nintendo has a bad year, but not much less. I don’t care if X-box or Play Station fail to produce all they have promised. All I care about is that the game I buy is fun to play and allows me to spend hours of my life trying to best it.

    Why do we have to pick a “favorite” company and then get bent out of shape when our favorite messes up? I think it is much simpler to have favorite games vs. favorite game consoles.

    I wonder if we should buy all the consoles we can afford based on what games we have fun playing instead of buying all the games we can afford based on what console we happen to like best.

    Just an idea. I may be crazy!

  4. Electronic Gaming Monthly had a little conference this month. One of the speakers was Peter Moore from MS giving a preview of the 360. He demo’d the abilities of the box to recognize and play mp3s from an ipod, PSP, and pictures from a digital camara. Arguably interesting if not impressive. What he didn’t demo was, surprize, surprize, any 360 games. Not that anyone would actually want to play video games on the home entertainment center. With only 2 months remaining, I’d suggest everyone buy an ipod as it may be the only thing that’ll run on the 360 at release.

  5. Personally, I’m not too crushed by the delay. Resident Evil 4 was awesome, and us Gamecube owners still have Fire Emblem and Odama to look forward too. Also, there’s a load of awesome games coming out for the DS this fall/winter.

  6. Well, I guess I’m with you guys, there’s plenty of other stuff to play with. Like Bryan said, though, the XBox 360 definitely isn’t impressing too many people. I’ll definitely be playing the wait-and-see game on that one.

    I am definitely looking forward to the Fire Emblem Gamecube offering. And I have a backlog of games I need to finish up anyway.

    So no Zelda? No problem!

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