Tinkering under the hood

Things might look wonky for a bit as I tweak my theme. I am growing tired of the current look. I’m looking to spruce things up. I’ll also be installing some new plug-ins over the next couple of days (WordPress is teh truth!). Hopefully I don’t break anything expensive.

“I break, I cry. You break, you buy.”

(For now I’ll be leaving the old theme up. I’ll still be tinkering with it later)


  1. I think it’s because of some long URLs and IE’s poor CSS model, but your sidebar sometimes ends up all the way at the bottom. Which is too bad, because it’s a good sidebar.

  2. Yeah, that is a problem I’ve tackled with before and I’ve never been able to lick it completely. I think it’s a combination of IE’s suckitude and the little javascript that Bloglines uses for the blogroll. I’ve had plans to use WP’s link list, which would hopefully alleviate some of the problems, I’m just waiting on an acceptable theme before I make that change.


  1. […] On the buttonmashing.com front, I’ve been a little slow with posts lately. I’ve just been busy with RL things. I mentioned earlier that I was doing some housekeeping around the site, and I’m still working on that, it’s just slow going. I’m looking at some new themes, some new plugins and a basic dust up around here. I’ve been happy with the current look but it’s not exactly what I wanted. I’m thinking of going with the K2 theme, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I’m planning on some other changes but, like I said, it’s going a little slower than I’d like. […]

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