Xbox 360, the easy way

Forget paying big money of the Xbox 360, I’m going a different route.

I bought a Diet Pepsi yesterday with a cap that directed me here. That’s how I’m getting my new Xbox!


  1. The only bad thing about this plan is that you have to buy Pepsi products to get the caps. If this promotion was being run by Coors Light I would win enough Xbox 360’s to supply one to everybody in this star sector!

  2. Bobster, I’ve heard Diet Pepsi and Coors Light make a great mixed drink. Just save me all the caps!


  1. […] I got a note from reader, Josh pointing me to one of his favorite podcasts – Insomonia Radio. I haven’t checked any episodes out yet but the one Josh pointed out to me includes a contest to win a PSP. I thought other buttonMashers would be interested in checking it out. They way I see it, I’ll win me a PSP here and get an Xbox 360 for free from Pepsi. I’ll be sitting pretty for the next generation without spending a dime. […]

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