Resident Evil 4 PS2like it’s the FRU-EETS of the DEV-EEL.

I receive numerous hits a day looking for translations for the Spanish phrases in Resident Evil 4. Over time, people have commented on phrases I miss, so I’ve been updating that page as they come across.

I think it’s great that eight months after it was released, this game is still getting heavy play. I’ve said it before, I think RE 4 is the Game of the Year for 2005.

Resident Evil 4


  1. I totally agree. The battle out on the lake? The battle with the priest? The incessant attacks by the villagers? The firefight in the cottage?

    I’ve never experienced so much suspense in a game. Too bad I have to wait for the kid(s) to go to bed to play.


  2. Absolutely you nailed ’em! Throw in the Mercernaries mini game and you’ve got video game perfection.

  3. “…like its the FRU-EETS of the DEV-EEL.”

    “Well Evil’s a subjective term. What’s evil to one person might be completely reasonable to someone else.” 🙂

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