Buckeye Blogging, Week #1 (1-0)

The Buckeyes handled their business in preparation for the the Showdown with Texas next week, beating the Redhawks 34-14. The offense looked solid – Pittman carried the ball well and Zwick and Boeckman threw rather efficiently. The Buckeyes’ defense is just insane. The Miami Redhawks are a good team but they couldn’t get anything going. The defense held them to -5 yards rushing in the first half. The score doesn’t do justice to the first team defense, they could have easily pitched a shut-out. Overall, OSU’s performance was great and I am excited about next week. Even more so now that I know I’ll be in the stands for the Texas game.

Among the other games today, I was surprised at how well Notre Dame played and how poorly Oklahoma played. Adrian Peterson can kiss his Heisman Hopes good-bye. With no passing threat, OU’s running game is going to get punished. Michigan looked solid. So did USC. No other big surprises so far.

Did I mention how excited I am about the OSU/Texas game?

Update: I’m watching the FSU/Miami game right now. While I don’t really care who wins this game since I hate all things Florida football, I heard this guy’s name called a couple of times. That has to be the worse name to grow up with.

Another Update: This may warrant its own post at some point, but Bill at TBftSG has a post about Trev Alberts’ firing at ESPN. That sound you hear is a million Buckeyes cheering. Now, how do we get rid of May?


  1. Andy groom made the Washington Redskins as thier starting Punter. And Ashton Youbouty was awarded U.S.A citezenship this past week.

  2. Yeah, good stuff for UND, but this was Pitt. I imagine that UND will be ranked next week. They don’t stand a chance against USC next month. Of course, they are big rivals and when it comes to traditional rivalries anything can happen.

    I was just glad they won, but they’ve got a LOOOOOOONG way to go to erase the last couple of years.

  3. I don’t about that, agentgray. I think ND is going to give USC all they can handle. Their offense looked great and USC’s defense won’t be as tough as they were in the past. It will be a fun game to watch.

  4. I was watching the Miami/FSU game last night as well. Of course I also made fun of the poor guy with the last name of Fagg. I’m sure growing up he asked his mother many times, “Why did you have to marry that Fagg?” I really feel sorry for his sister Ima.

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