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statham.jpgI saw The Transporter 2 this weekend. I’m a big fan of Jason Statham (even if he is going to participate in this trainwreck) and I really enjoyed the first Transporter. The second Transporter was an enjoyable diversion but it didn’t have quite the charm of the first.

In the first Transporter, there were a few “there’s no way” moments but not enough to stretch the suspension of disbelief too thin. Unfortunately, there were a few too many in the second one. In an attempt to out-do the first movie’s wow-factor, the Transporter 2 just went too far over the top. That’s saying a lot. Trying to out-do a movie that included deflecting a rocket with a serving tray (even though that wasn’t included in the US release) is a hard thing to do. The Transporter 2 tries to do it nonetheless. Everytime things started moving someting would happen that would make you go “there’s no way” and that just ruins the moment.

It was still a fun movie to watch but I wouldn’t pay full price for this one. Wait for the cheap theater or a rental for this one. Other good Statham flicks include The Italian Job and Cellular, both good movies.

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