DSes everywhere!

I don’t know if my DS-sensitivity has gone up since I started contemplating the purchase of one, but I’ve noticed an increase of DS-related news being spread through the gamingsphere (I don’t even have to mention all the Nintendogs hype). Kotaku had the huge DS display unit (with requisite display girl) earlier this week. There’s two stories at games.slashdot that talk about DS things. The first is actually about the PSP’s launch in the UK that shattered the DS record-breaking release. (Pay no attention to the fact that they counted a year’s worth of pre-orders in that figure). The other story refer to a wish list of games people would like to see ported to the DS. Both posts have comments that are pretty favorable for the DS. I’m pretty excited about Age of Empires on the DS but I would love to see Starcraft.

I still don’t have a DS in hand, but right now I’m leaning toward the Blue DS with Mario 64 bundle at Walmart. Time will tell!


  1. My sis has electric blue too. Hers didn’t come with Mario 64, though. šŸ™

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