What I’m playing

I haven’t had a much time the past couple weeks to play as much as I’d like to. I guess I need to reorganize priorities! Anyway, here’s what I’ve been playing lately:

NCAA 2006NCAA Football 2006 – I’m still playing NCAA 2006, working on my Dynasty. I only get a few games in a week but I’m still liking 2006. There’s a few glaring issues that still stick out but overall it’s still a fun football game. I started working on a “Dynasty Journal” here at buttonmashing.com but it wasn’t turning out how I liked it so I canned it.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike – Now that I am a proud owner of a Nintendo DS I had to pick up a new DS game, too. With all the good things I’ve been reading about it, I decided to give it a try. It’s Advanced Wars on steroids. The touch screen makes playing a strategy game feel natural.

Metroid Fusion – I had to give a GBA title a chance in the DS, too, for comparison purposes. I never finished Fusion in the first place so I figured the DS would be a great place to finish it. This is such a fun game.

I’d really like to get some playing time with Guild Wars soon. It’s been almost a month since I played any GW so I need to get back to Ascalon. Especially with the new content that was released last week.

I’m also looking to get a couple other DS titles. I’m thinking about Meteos and Tiger Woods. Any other suggestions?


  1. Canvas Curse is pretty good. If you can get Yoshi Touch and Go used, it’s more fun than the impression you get from the reviews.

  2. One of our newer officers just kicked you from the guild a couple of days ago. (Our cuttoff was changed to a month). It was too late before I caught it. Let me know when you want back in (I couldn’t remember how to spell the first part of your name and the update wiped the guild history queue). They made me guild leader!

    Also, the update is cool (ultra-rare greeen drops!), but it is hard to get to.

  3. I recommend Nintendogs along with Kirby: CC. Also, Pac-Pix.

  4. I’m thinking about Kirby. Pac-Pix also looks intriguing. So many choices!

    agentgray – hopefully I’ll get in some GW this week. I’ll drop you a message if you’re on. Those green drops sound sweet!

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion of the DS now that you have bought one.

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