Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show starts soon and everyone is expecting the unveiling of Nintendo’s Revolution Controller. Rumors have done their rounds on the internet and now, hopefully, everything will become clear.

This fanboy waits anxiously. Updates to come…

Update: Joystiq has the goods with the new controller. I’m still digesting it. IGN has more.

I don’t even know what to think right now. I can’t wrap my head around 2 seperate controllers. I can’t see how playing with a remote control is better than what we already have. Things are going to move rapidly now. Forums and comment boards will be abuzz with Nintendo is teh doomed but we’ll see. I’ll reserve judgement for the time being. But honestly, while I have the utmost faith in Nintendo, I’m not optimistic. This took some big brass ones to drop a bomb like this.

Click the picture for a larger version.

More: Here’s another IGN piece talking about some of the possibilities that the new controller. Color me intrigued. 1up has more, but it’s basically a rehash of IGN’s article. Things are happening fast now.

Of course, you could go right to the source.

Another Update: Since I just finished my piece on MMO sports games, I already see sports possibilities for the new controller. Swing the golf club, swing the bat, throw a football. That would be pretty sweet.

Some more: You can watch the controller in action here. I want a three stooges simulator.

It’s late, I’m going to bed.


  1. I suspect my wife and I would be all over a MMO hockey title. It’s really only a matter of time, don’t you think?

  2. The video makes it look like playing could be a physical work-out. Does Nintendo think I’m fat or something?

    It does look like fun. The video shows two players working together with one controler. That may help me to get my wife involved in one of the most important things in the universe. Gaming.

  3. I patiently watched Iwata’s speech that’s linked off of Nintendo. He brings up a lot of good points I think, about expanding the gaming audience. I’ve always admired Nintendo’s guts to go try something new and I appreciate that they haven’t gone in the direction games have been going this whole time. Though my circle’s opinion often says “Nintendo, they are like the Apple of the console world.” And the new controller definately does look like some spawn of Apple. With EyeToy-like capabilities.

    I’m intrigued by it, my husband is worried it will continue to solidify Nintendo’s niche as “Oh, well, kids and older people can play it, so therefore it’s for people not as smart or experiences as me, the UberGamer. I must prove my intelligence through complexity and Mature rated games.” Bah, I say! Simplicity of design, intuitive motion. Pure joys of Mario.

    Maybe it will make games more engaging again.

    Because I’m tired of mashing the button repeatedly. I have faith.

    (P.S. They don’t think you’re fat. Maybe. Heck, DDR is crazy popular…if only Nintendo thought of it back in the days of the Power Pad….hmmmm….)


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  2. […] I’ve actually always been a fan of Nintendo, and despite the fact that they have a history of coming up with weirdass controllers, they’ve managed to hold on with the aid of their ridiculously good catalogue of franchise games. […]

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