Buckeye Blogging, Week #4 (3-1)

Ohio State seems to have recovered from the “Texas hangover” they were suffering from during the San Diego State game to come to their offensive senses and take the Iowa Hawkeyes behind the woodshed and give them a royal thrashing. Pay back for last year or not, OSU laid the smack down. 530 total yards on offense to Iowa’s 137. Iowa had -9 yards rushing. I hope that isn’t lost on anyone. OSU defense is TUFF. -9 yards? That’s crazy tough. In the last two games, OSU has allowed 4 yards rushing. Teams would be better off passing the ball seventy times and forego the run all together.

I had a chance to attend the game which was a great game to be in the stands for. The only problem I have is that certain OSU “fans” are dumb. They can’t wrap their head around Tressel-ball. For the uninformed, Tressel-ball consists of field position, special teams and no mistakes. Conservative plays and easy scores are also part of TB. When OSU had the ball as the first half was winding down (about a minute left), Tressel-ball kicked in and instead of trying for the endzone, OSU ran up the middle to get into field goal range. They let the clock run down to 4 seconds, called a time out, kicked the field goal and went into the locker room at the half, up 17-0. Ohio State was in control and winning 17-0. A reason to be happy, right? Not for some “fans”. People were booing. That’s just sheer stupidity, people! This is Jim Tressel, not Steve Spurrier. He’s gonna play the way he knows how to play. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t flashy and it isn’t always exciting but it wins games. How quickly people have forgotten the 2002 season. Lighten up, OSU fans, and let Tressel do his job.

Oh, and those of you who hold up four fingers at the beginning of the fourth quarter? Please stop. You’re embarrassing us.


  1. agree with everything except the four fingers thing it is a football tradition for every football team and its fans from flag football to the NFL every team does it and every fan who does it is just supporting thier team……. You wouldnt tell a baseball player not to hold up 2 fingers as to remind the rest of the team they need one more out…..there is some bench player who doesnt look at the clock and wouldnt know it was fourth quarter if it wasnt for 85 teammates and or 104,350 fans holding up four fingers…..P.S. MICHIGAN SUCKS

  2. Jeremiah, I know you’re joking. At least I hope your joking.

  3. Until recently I was totally unaware of the four-finger thing. I saw a player run of the field yesterday holding up four fingers and I thought he was signaling his coach that he needed a break or something. Now that I know that this has been a tradition since the dark ages I feel like I have missed something important in my life. I played some football back when I was young and in shape and never knew to hold up four fingers. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and redo all the end of the third, start of the fourth quarters I went through without holding up my fingers. Man what a loser I was!

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