Buckeye Blogging, (bye) Week #5 (3-1)

Since this is OSU’s bye week, I decided to wait for the latest Buckeye Blogging until after this week’s rankings came out. As I figured, LSU’s loss (and Florida’s) has caused OSU’s ratings to rise. Ah, the joys of losing early. OSU is the highest ranked team with a loss. They’re currently #6 in both polls.

I did get a chance to watch some of our future foes, namely Penn State and Michigan State. Penn State is suddenly everyone’s darling but I’m not buying it. They’ve beat a bunch of push-overs to get to 5-0. OSU should be able to roll into Happy Valley and roll over the Lions. OSU’s defense is too good to expect anything less.

Michigan State comes to Columbus a week later (a game I’ll be at) and I wasn’t impressed with MSU in their loss to Michigan. The Wolverines just seem to have MSU’s number. MSU’s offense can put up big numbers but I think they’re in for a rude awakening when they meet Hawk & Co. I’m hoping OSU’s offense has a field day against the Spartan’s defense. Things are looking up for the Buckeyes.

Other intriguing match-ups the next couple weeks include Texas and Oklahoma this week and Notre Dame and USC next week. Does OU still own Texas? Will Mack Brown ever beat Stoops? Will USC recover from their defensive injuries? Stay tuned! Same Buckeye time, same Buckeye channel!


  1. USC, we’re coming. Coming. Coming.

    “Shake down the thunder from the sky”

  2. That’s right, Notre Dame, bring that thunder.

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