Carnival of Gamers #7

Is up!


I thought Jason did a good job with the Carnival. What I liked about this one was that there were a handful of entries that this was their first Carnival. I laughed my butt off with Doner Kebab and his experience with playing SOCOM II online. This statement is probably true for a lot of people:

My experience with this game pretty much explains why online gaming is dead for the “casual gamer”.

Of course, I can’t pass up quoting something like this:

8:41pm I swear off SOCOM II forever. I want my Doom back.
8:45pm I swear off the gaming press forever. No more Xbox 360 ambitions. The next $300 of my gaming budget are going to a Gamecube and something fun to play. See you online at the card table, I’m taking my toys and going home.


So yeah, I enjoyed another Carnival. I’m impressed that this is still going strong. We’ve got Aeropause hosting next month’s Carnival and The Game Chair volunteered to host the Carnival in December. May the Carnivaling keep on trucking!


  1. This has got to be absolutely one of the most refreshing ideas to come to the web in a long time. I look forward to it from month to month. It’s almost convinced me to get on the rotation and host one of my own 🙂

  2. Glad you like it. I’m still surprised it’s going as well as it does.

    And, of course, you’d be more than welcome to host a future Carnival!

  3. I am very interested in joining the CoG. Is all the info on the HQ site here good?

    If so I will use that gmail to send in my blog 🙂

  4. heartless – yeah, the info on the HQ site has all the instructions for participating in the next Carnival of Gamers. I’d hold off on submitting an email until later this month, when the blog host is ready to receive submissions. But don’t forget! Don’t miss the chance to join the fun.

  5. I definately won’t miss it 🙂

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