Buckeye Blogging, Week #6 (3-2)

Not much to talk about this week. The Buckeye went into Beaver Stadium favored by 3 points and came out with a hard-to-accept loss. Both defenses played well but I thought OSU’s defense dominated this game. If Troy Smith doesn’t throw the interception that was returned to the 1-yard line, OSU has a pretty good chance to win this game. The loss to Texas was a heartbreaker. This loss was frustrating.

Frustrating because of all the talent on the OSU football team. We have, arguably, three of the fastest wide-outs in the country and we didn’t start throwing the ball down the field until the third quarter. Frustrating.

So once again our future is in doubt. There’s a chance we can still win the Big Ten, but that’s a long way off. We’ll just sit back and see what happens.


  1. How long until we hear calls for the coach to be fired? I bet it won’t be long. If we lose to Michigan this season it will be the end of the world!

  2. Don’t worry. Michigan is losing to everybody ranked. Har.

  3. Yeah, Bobster, agentgray is right — the Wolverines are pretty tame this year, I don’t think Tressel loses to Michigan this year. And you know, as long as the Buckeyes beat Michigan, all is well in OSU coaches land.

    Now, if Tressel beats Michigan again, the person who needs to be worried is Lloyd Carr. He may be the next “John Cooper” of Michigan.

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