I want it all…

… and I want it now.

Man, the flow of new games right now is killing me! There are just too many of them. Trauma Center and Phoenix Wright are both calling me, I haven’t played a Castlevania game in years, so Dawn of Sorrow is looking good, and even though Trace Memory hasn’t been that well received, I still think I’d like it.

Battalion Wars and Fire Emblem for the Gamecube look like fun. I didn’t experience Ninja Gaiden when it first came out, so I’m tempted to get NG Black. Far Cry Instincts looks great as well. And that’s not even mentioning all the new sports games (Tiger Woods, The League). Oh! And Age of Empires III. Can’t forget that one. What’s a gamer to do?

That brings me to a question for all you readers. Who out there is using GameFly? I’ve been toying with the idea of giving their service a try but I’m not sure yet. I would probably go with their one-game-at-a-time deal since I have plenty of games to keep me busy as I await the next one in my queue. If you use them, what has been your experience? What plan would you recommend? If you don’t use GameFly, what about the other GameFly-like places are out there? Inquiring minds what to know! I’m tired of the weak selection of my local Blockbuster and Hollywood Video so I need a new source of game rentals.

With all the great games out there it’s impossible to play them all but I’d sure like to try.


  1. I picked up the OXM demo disk with Far Cry Instincts on it. It sure is pretty, but the demo couldn’t hold my interest for ten minutes.

    Maybe the actual game’s better, but the demo felt like a generic FPS with a couple half-thought-out additions — the stealth gameplay felt weak, and the trap-setting just ended up being goofy. Apart from that, it’s the same damn game we’ve all played dozens of times by now.

  2. I used Gamefly and was pretty happy with the service over all. It’d be nice to have shorter delivery times, but the disks were always in good shape…

  3. Nat – thanks for the head’s up. I never played the PC version, which I’ve heard is great, but maybe I’ll do the rental thing with Instincts.

    Corvus – Delivery time was something I was wondering about. I’m in Columbus, Ohio. I wonder where they ship the games from.

  4. The games ship from California, which is why I stopped using Gamefly. I live in Florida, so it would take 7-8 days to send a game in and get the next one.

  5. Far Cry: Instincts

    I agree about the demo and the first mission. However, after that….wow.

    Predator mode is awesome as well. Refreshing for multi-player.

  6. “Trace Memory” isn’t as bad as some folks are suggesting. It is short and not terribly difficult, but I had fun with it. I think it’s a perfect game for kids ages 8-15, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their intended audience.

  7. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is well worth the price tag. The “rooms” are challaging even if some of the boss’s are a little weak. The touch screen isn’t used alot, but that’s fine, I’d rather it not be used if it will muck up a game.

    #6 poster is full on correct with Trace Memory. Nice rental but no replay value.

    As with Gamefly, I just started using it it’s okay. The delivery times can be a little long, but I signed up for the two games at a time plan and it doesn’t really affect me. Plus if you really dig the game you have the option to buy that copy. They’ll send you the box and manual for it and charge it to your account.

    Sidenote. Trauma Center is a killer app for DS. Very fun and quite challaging. Lost in Blue though can be lost somewhere far away from my DS. It’s very slow and boring.

    Just my opinions enjoy

  8. Silvanis – thanks for the heads up. Coming from Cali is troublesome, since I’m in Ohio.

    Agentgray – Okay, so the beginning of Instincts doesn’t impress but give it a chance. Got it.

    The Line – wow, that’s some kind words for Trauma Center. Maybe that will be my next pick up. Thanks for the suggestions.

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