Your ascendance is now complete.

My first character in Guild Wars has finally ascended. It took me a lot longer than it probably should have, but I finally did it. My character is a Necromancer/Mesmer. He’s a great support character but he doesn’t exactly dole out the damage. (Note: If you haven’t ascended and/or don’t want any spoilers, you might not want to continue reading.)

For those who don’t already know, the final “test” is a face off against a doppelganger, a “mirror” image of yourself. Sort of. This so-called image of me had a big magic axe and powerful bow, both of which I don’t have. He also had my spells but he was doing more damage to me than I could do to him. No matter what I did, he was whipping my butt. I got close to beating him a couple times. Of course close only counts for nuking elementalists. I had to quit for a while because I was getting frustrated. Not just frustrated. FRUSTRATED. It didn’t help that fellow GW-mate Bobster told me how easy it was for him. I had no clue what to do.

Most gaming I do, I do “pure”. I don’t do GameFAQs, I avoid spoilers and hints as best I can. When I beat a game, I want to do it without any help. (That’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t finished Viewtiful Joe) When it came to ascending in Guild Wars, I wanted to do it “pure”. I didn’t want help from the interwebs or fellow players. Heck, for a while, I wouldn’t even change my skills, allowing him to kick my butt with my own magic, repeatedly. I’m stubborn like that. I noticed he was doing some serious damage with his bow (insane damage, actually) so the first thing I did was upgrade my armor. With the new armor, I redoubled my efforts and took him on again. I tried numerous skill combinations and strategies. After another dozen beat downs I decided purity wasn’t as important as actually getting it done, so I went off to the crazy web and did a little research. Of course hitting the forums immediately yielded results and victory was near.

The solution? Necromancers have a handy little spell called “Insidious Parasite”. It steals health when an enemy physically attacks you. With my new armor I was better equipped to take a beating, so I ran in, cast IP on my doppelganger and let him go to town on me. Since he was dealing out less damage than what I was leeching from him, I just sat there and let him kill himself. Cheap? Maybe. Impure? Sort of. I would have figured something out eventually, I just didn’t have time for eventually. Ascensions need to happen, know what I’m saying?

So in the end, I guess I should just be happy to have reached a GW milestone and get on with my questing, but there will always be that nagging doubt in the back of my mind.

I’m unclean.

At least now, maybe I can finish Viewtiful Joe.


  1. Super Nerd….. Fricking Tony Rice

  2. I did the same thing, but was glad to help get you through the desert. I didn’t have that, and it was tough. I hope I didn’t spoil it by explaining those missions.

    The key with dopplegangers is to equip useless skills and then use a weapon to do damage. I dropped him in 20 seconds with my ranger.

    Welcome to ascention. You’ll love Ring of Fire and hate Thunderhead Keep. Now, get infused (I’m not spoiling that) and get some capture signets. Still have a ways to go…you definitely get your money’s worth with GW.

  3. own pet peave. It’s ascension.

  4. I was there (on the phone) with Vigor Mortis while he fought the doppelganger and I can confirm that Tony was indeed “FRUSTRATED” with the game.

    It probably didn’t help that I told him several times, while he was getting stomped on, how easy it was for my Warrior/Monk to take the dopp out. Adding wise comments like, “try it naked”, “the guy is a sissy” and “stop crying and fight back” added insult to injury. I’m sure Tony wanted to PK me but what else are friends for? When you see your buddy is down you pretty much have to pile on!

    After 20 minutes of failing I could almost see #&*#!@ coming out of the phone. I knew he had had enough when he said he had to quit and go play boggle or something. This from the Buttonmasher himself?

    I’m glad he sullied himself and found the hint he needed to get the job done. In the end it all worked out. Now on to the dragon mission!

  5. Congrats! I’m slowly plodding my way there, although since a lot of my GW sessions have been less than an hour (or more recently, non-existent), I’m not sure when I’ll be getting to it.

    I can’t wait for the expansion to come out, though I guess I’ll have to get past the holidays without it.

  6. And another peeve. It’s peeve.

    Only took me a couple of days to get that one. šŸ™‚

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