Buckeye Blogging, Week #10 (7-2)

#10 and climbing! The lastest rankings are out and OSU sits at a solid #10 in both. I wanted the BCS to be in shambles again this year, but that being said, I’m glad Miami beat Va. Tech. I’ve been saying for a long time that they’re overrated and they got embarrassed last night. So the disaster the BCS was headed for looks less likely to happen, now that there are only 3 unbeaten teams. There’s still a chance that both USC and Alabama go down and then they’ll really have probems. Those problems don’t include OSU, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop from OSU putting a hurt on yet another Big Ten team.

Illinois really never posed a threat but it sure took OSU 2 quarters to put the heat on. In the end, OSU’s defense dominated and their offense threw up another 40 points. Ginn and Holmes have finally started living up to their billing. They look solid and Smith has been consistent since the Penn State game. OSU no longer resides in the basement of the Big Ten offensive leaders.

So what’s left for OSU? For one, it’s pay-back time for Northwestern. Their win last year has definitely left a bad taste in OSU’s collective mouth last year. Look for the defense to bring the hammer down on Northwestern’s vaunted offense. I’d like to see us rack up 4 or 5 TDs and just punish Brett Basanez and his team of pretenders. And no need to mention the game on November 19th. That goes without saying. OSU. Michigan. The Big House.



  1. Rumor has it that if OSU and Notre Dame win out they will meet in the fiesta bowl. Of course it will be the same as the rusult of 1995 and 1996. A huge lopsided Buckeye WIN

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